Invisible Enemies

Feminists smash the patriarchy
with the tools of fascism and anarchy.
They destroy their oppressors,
with slogans and letters.
Echo chambers far to the left of sensibility
regurgitate the thoughts that they are told is right,
and what is left of critical thought, of responsibility?
We will worry about that once the patriarchy is on its knees.
Everybody has invisible enemies.

Incels cry and they wail,
that this cruel world has cursed this selection of males.
Women only want the rich, the strong, the handsome, the tall, and the Chads.
Women only want what I do not have.
Instead of spending time with the fairer sex,
they hide in putrid basements, they utter putrid heinous threats.
They sleep on stained mattresses, only to wake to wallowing in self-pity.
Echo chambers feed the entitled, lost without an identity.
Everybody has invisible enemies.

The gays are destroying our morals and families,
the church prescribes with a twisted glee.
They are pushing an agenda, they are here to convert your children
No one is safe, they will not rest until the world is a cauldron of sin.
If they must live that way, do not push it down our throats,
Do not rant and rave, do not shout or gloat.
Your children are safe with us, never-mind that we relocated your priest suddenly.
We are educated enough to know that you can make that choice in secrecy.
Everybody has invisible enemies.

The corporate investor growls and hoards his cache.
He damns the threat of his inconvenient past.
His employees are greedy,
His government is needy.
He had to work hard to get where he is,
His father spent a lot of money to persuade the Yale selection list.
Echo chambers far to the right of sensibility, bicker and tear at the seams,
you can’t deride the boy- he was a good student and a part of the football team!
So what if he made some girls do things they didn’t want to at a few parties?
This is a witch-hunt, the ramblings of a jealous mob seeking to destroy the American Dream.
Everybody has invisible enemies.

It is far easier to point a finger
than to look yourself in the eyes in the mirror.
You may have flaws, but theirs are far worse.
And they are lethal, they must be dispersed.
Onwards we fight,
to slay the creatures of the night.
We believe they are out there, lurking to destroy us.
We need to believe, or else we’d have to look inside, where they dwell and they fuss.
It is our duty to end these atrocities.
To end our invisible enemies.

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A schemer and a dreamer. I'm a #Métis author located in Saskatchewan who writes short stories, poetry, book reviews, and jokes.

2 thoughts on “Invisible Enemies”

  1. Interesting take on the mosaic of strife in the Western world…but I do have to say that the whole incel entitlement thing flows from feminist projection. The few incels out there who think they are “owed” sex are the ones who are usually the loudest and craziest, and they are cherry-picked by the feminist mainstream left.

    Most incels know they aren’t owed sex, but they are embittered about the situation nonetheless, for two reasons: a). there is, and always has been, a certain level of soft persecution against them for being males who are unsuccessful with females, which they have to endure for no fault of their own; b). they were led to believe that human female sexual selection was based on civility, morality and responsibility, and then they grow up and can see plainly that it’s largely based on dominance, arrogance, height and pre-selection – at least we can say that the most negative of those aren’t a barrier to females, as they were led to believe.

    They know that they aren’t entitled to sex, but they are entitled to the truth when they are growing up, and they are also entitled to be left alone, not tarred and feathered, if they pull the short straw with womankind. Females have been liberated to control their own sexual destinies, and that means that there’s always going to be a certain percentage of guys who don’t get picked, no matter what happens.


    1. Hi,

      Thank you for reading my work, all readers are appreciated and so is all feedback good or bad! I hope that you got at least some enjoyment from this piece.

      I am sorry that it has taken me this long to respond as this comment must have slipped under my radar. I must respectfully disagree that it is the “feminist left” that cherry-picks the loudest and craziest as the loudest and craziest of any group will get the most attention from all news sources. However, I cannot help but feel that people in the MGTOW and incel communities make excuses and point fingers rather than facing their own insecurities and grow as people. From my perspective, nothing in my poem is wrong. I believe that incels blame everybody except themselves for their problems and have a very self-defeatist attitude. Incels chain a D9 Caterpillar to their ankles and then complain that everyone else runs faster than them. You are welcome to place your opinion on that but I hope that we may do so at my email below.

      If I may ask, would you consider yourself an incel or an MGTOW? If so, would you mind emailing me at As a young male myself, I have a difficult time understanding the incel movement and would actually like to hear the perspective of that community that isn’t plastered with vitriol or preconceived notions. Shoot me an email if you’d like as I would like to open-mindedly learn about it and promise that I would converse productively. Thank you again for the comment and hope to hear from you.



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