I No Longer Need You

You were the safety net that caught me.
Barely alive.
Drowning, numb.
Dying in a frozen sea.
Pull me from troubled waters,
pull me from troubled times.
I would always need you,
you were all I knew.

You were the warmth.
The only light in the dark.
You had your fingers crossed.
I followed a farce.
Righteous rage
as a disguise for concealed conceit.
A hapless, happy haze.
A drudgerous, dangerous defeat.

On my couch and in my heart,
it was rigged from the start.
You convinced me my wrongs were right,
my plights don’t belong.
You left me alone.
You left me out to dry.


One of us must die.
Twice you failed, twice you tried.



I am done with your deceitful disease.
Teeth and knives
counting sums
of all the lives yet to be
pushes my newfound shoulders,
pushes me to what’s mine.
I no longer need you,
you and I are through.

I am the North.
I am the flood, I am the Ark.
My burden is the Cross.
I am a reckoning force.
a reflection of rational retreat.
A new page,
with unwritten feats.

On my feet, in my mind.
I tied my own binds.
My wrongs were not right, they are mine just the same.
Guilt is my swansong.
I am not alone.
You hide others, you are silent and spry.



One of us must die.
Twice you failed, twice you tried.

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A schemer and a dreamer. I'm a #Métis author located in Saskatchewan who writes short stories, poetry, book reviews, and jokes.

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